Jan 27, 2010

More Atheists on TV, Please

Dr. Gregory House, of House, is the most openly atheist character on TV. And I love him. Finally, I said to myself. In all the years and hundreds of hours I spent watching television, I can only recall two other atheist characters.

The first is Jen Lindley of Douchebag's Creek (aka Dawson's Creek). But because Michelle Williams's character was the bad girl from New York who rebelled and had sex at 12, her atheism came off as just another flaw in her character. Though I was happy that in the series finale, as she was dying from a heart condition that was never mentioned before (lame, I know), she did not 'find' God. But she hoped her daughter would. Whatever.

The second is Dean Winchester from Supernatural, of course. Dean questions the existence of a loving God in the face of...well, hell on Earth, basically. He states that for years he's been fighting demon ass and wonders where the hell God is, if he does indeed exist. Sam, on the other hand, has no problem believing in God and the angels. Unlike Touched By An Angel (one of the stupidest shows ever along with 7th Heaven), this show portrays angels and demons as being on the same level; cruel, violent, vigilant and way worse than even the cruelest human being.

This is my favorite Dean Winchester quote:

See, this is why I can't get behind God.
If He doesn't exist, fine. Bad crap happens to good people. That's how it is. And no rhyme or reason, just random, horrible evil. I get it. Okay? I can roll with that. But if He is out there, what's wrong with Him? Where the hell is He while all these decent people are getting torn to shreds? How does He live with Himself? You know, why doesn't He help?

And here's another one:

Dean: If there's a god, what the hell is he waiting for, huh? Genocide? Monsters roaming the earth? The freaking apocalypse? At what point does he lift a damn finger and help the poor bastards that are stuck down here?
Castiel: The Lord --
Dean: If you say 'works in mysterious ways' so help me I will kick your ass!

Couldn't have said it better myself. There's one other quote I love. This is what Dean thinks of angels on account of their unquestioning obedience to God, whom they've never met:

Stepford bitches in paradise.

I love this show. Supernatural is one of those rare comedic horror shows. Buffy was the first, for me at least. I know a lot of people didn't get Buffy but that show was brilliant. And Joss Whedon, who created it, is an atheist and thank God whatever for that.

Needless to say, there should be more openly atheist characters on television. To the heads of all the networks, whoever you are, we want more atheists on TV. Please.

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