Aug 30, 2010

Obama an Atheist?

Ali A. Rizvi: Barack Obama: Closeted Non-Believer?

Gee, I really hope so. Nothing more dangerous than a religious freak letting his bible determine foreign policy.

'9/11 Christians' Plan Their Own Church Near Ground Zero'

'9/11 Christians' Plan Their Own Church Near Ground Zero'

Ridiculous. Building a mosque near Ground Zero is completely insensitive no matter how you slice it. I don't care if Islam is a religion of peace, it's still insensitive and I wouldn't stand for it either. But now building an I-Hate-Muslims-and Gays Christian Church near Ground Zero just to even the playing field with the mosque next door is completely childish.

There should be a stop on building religious buildings. There are hundreds of thousands of them already in the US and many are facing foreclosures and bankruptcies. Save the money for something more useful like donating money to food banks or helping the hardest hit by the recession. You know, helping people. Isn't that what churches do?