Aug 3, 2009

Vancouver Pride Parade

The 31st annual Vancouver Pride Parade & Festival took place yesterday on August 2nd. More than half a million people lined the streets of downtown Vancouver to watch the festivities. Vancouver Pride Society spokesman, Alan Pronger, was quoted saying, "pride is the time to display your inner sparkle for the world to see." But sadly, there are idiots out there who would do anything to deny unalienable rights to the LGBT community. On Saturday, two people who happened to be gay were murdered in a club in Tel Aviv, Israel. Eleven others were injured during the shooting. Israeli police are still hunting for the gunman.

I curse all homophobes with gay babies. Only then will they realize that gay people do not choose to be gay and that nobody has a right to treat them as if they were second-class citizens who don't deserve the same rights as everyone else.

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